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Patrick Dempsey unknowingly just said ‘erection,’ like, 100 times on live TV

Not that we’d ever complain about listening to McDreamy talk about erections, but Patrick Dempsey just got it all wrong in front of a live studio audience.

In a recent appearance on Australia’s Today show to promote the upcoming Bridget Jones’s Baby, Dempsey tried to impress the show’s hosts with his Australian slang — and it was an epic fail. You see, Dempsey referenced a “traveller,” which he thought was the American equivalent of a road beer.

Traveller,” he said, via E! News, much to the hosts’ horror and delight. “Traveller’s a beer you travel with, right?”

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No, Dempsey, actually a traveller is when someone gets an erection while riding on public transportation, according to Unfortunately, the show hosts were more than happy to giggle at Dempsey’s reference but took their sweet time to educate him on the true meaning of the term.

“What’s a traveller? Have I alienated everyone in the country?” Dempsey probed.

“All the blokes who are watching are sitting upright now,” one of the hosts, Richard Wilkinson, giggled.

The conversation floated to other topics for a bit, but Dempsey couldn’t let it go and asked again out of nowhere, “What the heck is a traveller?”

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Upon learning what he was really saying, Dempsey turned 50 shades of red and said, “Oh, excuse me.”

Besides talking about male arousal, Dempsey and his Bridget Jones costar, the one and only Renée Zellweger, did manage to talk about the film.
“What’s it like when you get a script like that and they say, ‘Well, you’re going to have a love scenes with Colin Firth and you have love scenes with Patrick Dempsey?” a host asked Zellweger.

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“You just say yes,” Zellweger quipped.

Well, duh, that’s a no-brainer! Now we’re just wondering if Dempsey’s character is Bridget’s baby’s father, and whether or not the wee one might have been conceived on public transport.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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