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Will Bachelor in Paradise‘s Evan and Carly tie the knot?

During last week’s episodes of Bachelor in Paradise, I thought Carly Waddell couldn’t even stand Evan Bass. Now I think they may be one of the couples to make it last beyond Season 3.

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Talk about proving the old adage “there’s a fine line between love and hate.”

During tonight’s episode they were totally united together, and Carly even opened up about her feelings to Evan, saying that it took her longer to realize how much she liked him, but now she’s really falling for him. Say what? I mean, I guess “fake” fainting spells don’t just work for damsels in distress.

Even Evan joked about it on Twitter.

As has been reported a lot about Season 3 already, three couples will end the season getting engaged. Will Carly and Evan be one of them? It sure seems like they’re heading in that direction, which is a total 180 from where they were before. But, somehow, it works. Now that Izzy and Vinny are dunzo, I can actually see Evan and Carly stepping up and becoming the mature, working relationship in paradise.

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Although, maybe I just want them to stick around for their continued comments about other people in the house. Seriously, these two — but especially Carly — are hilarious with the one-liners.

If they find their happily ever after together, then it really is just an added bonus for viewers at this point.

***Spoiler alert***

According to Reality Steve, not only will Carly maintain her flipped feelings for Evan for the rest of the season, but he will get down on one knee during the season finale — and she’ll say “yes!”

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The Bachelor spoiler guru confirmed the engagement and the fact that the two have reportedly been spending a lot of time together post-show and are still going strong. Both already lived in Nashville before the start of the show, which makes dating following the finale (and planning a wedding, as the case may be) a lot easier.

Are you surprised Carly and Evan have what it takes to make it last or are they a couple made in Bachelor in Paradise heaven?

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