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Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield giving us hope for a reunion is just wrong

Being that Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are basically our favorite celeb romantic match-up ever, this was pretty much us when we heard that the two were spotted together over the weekend in London.

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The happy dance was a short one, however, because almost as soon as the jig commenced, the rain began to fall on our parade. It may be true that Stone and Garfield were, indeed, out and about together across the pond, looking happy at Covent Garden, but alas, it was as just friends.

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“They’re definitely not dating,” an inside source told People magazine.

Sigh. At least they can keep things friendly. How can they not after being this adorable?

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Our disappointment runs deep on this one, not only because Stone and Garfield looked so cute together over the course of their four-year relationship, but also because we fell in love with them due to their big hearts and their ability to turn the annoying presence of paparazzi into a positive thing.

Remember a couple years ago when the two had a penchant for transforming unwanted attention into PR for their favorite causes? After learning the restaurant they were dining at had been swarmed by photogs in June 2014, they crafted two small, handwritten signs to simultaneously cover their faces and give a shout out to Youth Mentoring Connection, Autism Speaks, Worldwide Orphans and Gilda’s Club. And it wasn’t the first time they had pulled the stunt — they did the same thing in 2012.

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Stone and Garfield broke up in April of 2015, reportedly because of conflicting schedules. They were seen together getting lovey-dovey a couple months later, but a source confirmed their split in October of last year.

Stop toying with our emotions, you guys!

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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