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It’s a Big Brother miracle — there’s finally some girl power in the house

The Big Brother girls are finally banding together. After having to watch the men run everything all season, seeing the girl in power and making the men sweat is a breath of fresh air. Nicole Negrotti won Head of Household, meaning that for the first time in weeks it went to someone who isn’t a complete jerk.

Michelle Meyer was also awarded the co-HoH position, so it forced the girls to work together and decide the future of the house. Luckily for Negrotti, Meyer didn’t put up much of a fight when it came to deciding who should be voted up for eviction. They decided on Victor Arroyo and Paul Abrahamian.

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Even though I’m not totally thrilled that Corey Brooks wasn’t voted up for eviction, he’s not a threat to Negrotti in the same way that Arroyo and Abrahamian are. The best way for Negrotti and James Huling to ensure their spots in the final is to take out the last remaining threats. So the picks make a lot of sense.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt to watch Brooks have to listen to what the women in the house want to do for a change.

The only disappointing thing about this week is to see Nicole Franzel still give more of her loyalty to Brooks than to Negrotti. When she started this season, she swore that she wasn’t going to let a showmance ruin her game, but she’s doing it to herself again.

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Franzel wants her and Brooks to make it to the final together, not realizing that he’s total dead weight. He doesn’t play a strategic game and he barely wins any competitions. If she were thinking clearly, she would work exclusively with the girls in the house.

Either way, things are looking great for Negrotti and Huling, which is really all I can ask for from the rest of the season. All we can hope for now is that Abrahamian doesn’t find a way to mess up Negrotti and Huling’s plans.

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