Yvette Nicole Brown is The $100,000 Pyramid's best celebrity contestant

Aug 21, 2016 at 11:32 p.m. ET
Image: ABC

Yvette Nicole Brown may have made a name for herself on Community, but perhaps she should look into a new career on the game show circuit — she was an absolute delight on tonight's episode of The $100,000 Pyramid.

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Brown is perfectly suited to shows like The $100,000 Pyramid because she possesses that rare combination of charm and tactical genius. Some celebrities are great at the game but incredibly boring to watch. Others are amusing to watch but awful at giving and receiving clues. Not Brown! She offered up clues like a pro, but always with a huge smile on her face. Just watching her made me smile, and I was genuinely disappointed when her half of the episode ended.

Yvette Nicole Brown
Image: ABC

The fun began when Michael Strahan introduced Brown as "lovely and talented." She made it clear right away that she was out to win, even admitting that her competitive streak has gotten her banned from playing Taboo with her friends. She claimed that, "allegedly, there was violence" at her latest game night, although she placed plenty of emphasis on "allegedly."

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Viewers quickly got a feel for Brown's competitive playing style when she began to give clues. She's either spent a lot of time watching game shows in the past or is naturally gifted because her clues were succinct and right on point. They were also very entertaining, thanks to her silly facial expressions and body language. Her most amusing clue was easily for the word "vibrate," when she shook her entire body and then added, "Women use this for pleasure."

Yvette Nicole Brown
Image: ABC

Some contestants on The $100,000 Pyramid are great at giving clues but terrible at guessing them. Again, this does not describe Brown. She's a very versatile player, as she demonstrated during her time in the Winner's Circle. She totally would have won, but her partner sadly messed up and said a word he wasn't supposed to. Brown failed to return to the Winner's Circle, but I'm convinced that was mostly due to her partner's poor clues.

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Yvette Nicole Brown is the type of celebrity I want to see on The $100,000 Pyramid. She's bubbly, she's competitive and, most importantly, she knows what she's doing. I hope she returns soon!

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