Kim Kardashian oils up and twerks — while on vacation with her kids

Aug 20, 2016 at 10:45 a.m. ET
Image: Jason La Veris/Getty Images

If there's one thing Kim Kardashian can teach you about life, it's this: No matter what society tells you about how you should act as a married woman and mom, you can just shove that right back at them and refuse to oblige. While on vacation in Mexico with friends and her children, North and Saint West, Kardashian shared videos on Snapchat that might just be her most provocative yet.

The reality TV star and businesswoman donned one of her signature nude bikinis, grabbed a bottle of baby oil and proceeded to film herself twerking and dancing. What started as a relatively routine vid of her sporting a Turbo Thot one-piece swimsuit and dancing to Nicki Minaj's "Down in the DM" quickly turned into something very different: an up-close, intimate series of video clips of Kardashian's cleavage and butt.

First, there was this tame but sexy vid (Warning: NSFW videos headed your way)...


...which only served as an appetizer for what would come: 


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Once you get past the shock of seeing so much of Kardashian in the flesh, you have to stop and ask: Who is the intended viewing audience here? Were these for Kanye? No, probably not, considering how she could have easily sent them to him in a private message. Were they for her fans? I'm on the fence here about that assumption, since so many commenters on both vids disapproved of her actions, many of them criticizing her for doing this because she is a mom and because her kids were (presumably) in the other room while she engaged in some good old-fashioned nude twerking.

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At the end of the day, Kardashian has made it crystal clear that she posts these photos and videos for no other reason than because doing so makes her feel happy. She loves her body and is proud of her appearance, probably more so because she has been able to bounce back into shape after giving birth to two children within a few years. She isn't forcing anyone to follow her on Snapchat or care about what she does with her phone and a bottle of baby oil in her spare time. And it's silly and insulting to use her kids as an excuse for why she shouldn't do this — as if parents don't engage in other adult behaviors after they put their children down for naps. It's one thing to disapprove of her actions because you feel no one should post videos like these and another to say moms shouldn't post videos like these.

Personally, I don't understand Kardashian's latest Snapchat videos or what motivated her to post them, but that's really not my business. She's a grown woman. If she's OK with her social media content, Kanye's cool with it and both feel it is separate from her role as mom, then carry on. There are far more important (and worse) things going on in the world to get worked up about.