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It turns out Farrah Abraham is a great person to have in your corner

On the second part of the Teen Mom OG premiere, newly engaged Maci finds out she’s pregnant, Catelynn and Tyler move into their new house, Sophia turns 7, Simon and Debra have a face-off, we for some reason spend a lot of time watching Matt and his friend getting tattoos (and finding out the history of Matt’s existing tattoos), and Farrah learns about Matt’s internet past because he’s bad/possibly uninterested in covering his tracks.

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Say what you will about Farrah, but in this episode, she came out swinging in a big way for Amber after finding out that Matt hit on basically the entire Teen Mom cast on Twitter, including herself and Jenelle, before ending up with Amber. In Amber’s segment, Matt denied that the news had validity (he doesn’t know that the internet never forgets, apparently), while Amber checked out the evidence for herself. Farrah texted Amber, advising her to make changes in the relationship and telling her that what Matt did wasn’t OK.

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Amber called Farrah, looking to process the news, and what ensued was one of my favorite conversations in the history of the Teen Mom franchise. The two tried to untangle the mess concerning the tweets, while Amber said that Matt told her when they met that he didn’t know anything about Teen Mom OG. She was super vulnerable to Farrah in regard to her frustration about Matt and the never-ending accusations about his past and then confessing that she’d decided they shouldn’t get married in October.

“My question to you,” said Farrah, “is what kind of man do you want to marry now?” She went on to clarify that she didn’t want Gary to have more excuses for Leah not to be able to spend time with her mother. I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen Farrah like this before — mature and directed and absolutely unselfish in her motivations. There was no reason she had to call Amber to check in; she could have let it go or milked the situation to benefit herself and she didn’t do that. She offered Amber a soft place to fall and was supportive, honest and firm. It was so refreshing, especially given the drama Farrah’s inflicted on the Teen Mom cast and crew over the years and the fact that we know it’s more than possible to fill a Farrah segment with screaming stomping around. I love that we saw her taking care of a friend instead, and that friend was Amber, who could seriously use someone in her life telling her to run far away from Matt.

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