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Tyler Baltierra should be supporting Catelynn Lowell instead of shaming her

Behold, a new season of Teen Mom OG has begun. In the season premiere, Taylor surprised Maci with a proposal and the world’s biggest ring. Farrah looked for places to live in Los Angeles while Simon seemed ambivalent at best about their relationship. Amber and Matt continued to plan their wedding despite last season’s drama around Matt’s past. Catelynn and Tyler decided to buy a new house, and Tyler confirmed that he was deserving of my eternal ire by continuing to be a jerk about Catelynn’s physical and mental health.

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Catelynn’s struggles with depression and anxiety have been well documented on this show, as have those having to do with her weight. According to spoilers, we know she’ll enter rehab later on in the season, and this episode is definitely setting us up for that. Early on, Catelynn tells Tyler she’s going back on Weight Watchers, and after he tells her that he thinks that’s great, he proceeds to question her on the amount of points the quesadilla she’s eating would be worth. He’s skeptical and then says,”It’s your body, so you can do what you want.” (Thanks? Also, shut up.) He follows up: “Obviously, I don’t want a heifer for a wife.” That’s right. He said that. The cameras got it. Everyone laughs uncomfortably, including Catelynn, which is just heartbreaking. One of the producers tells him that he comes off harsh sometimes, and he asks Catelynn if she thinks that’s harsh. Catelynn does not, but asks him if he thinks she’s a heifer right now, and he says no.

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In a later conversation with his mom, who thinks Tyler is supportive of Catelynn, Tyler admits that he should not have made the heifer comment and he needs to work on “how he delivers his message.” How about not delivering a message, Tyler? How about you don’t tell Catelynn, ever, how you don’t want her body to look or comment on her food intake, and instead perhaps acknowledge that what she’s trying to do, parent and lose weight and manage her psychological health, are all really difficult things to do separately, not to mention all together? I’m suggesting these things in lieu of what he’s actually doing, which is humiliating her on camera and creating fear within her that if she doesn’t lose weight, he’ll leave her.

It’s worth mentioning that earlier in this episode, Catelynn and Tyler discussed whether or not they were going to have more kids and Tyler voted no, not until Catelynn’s anxiety and depression were under control. Anxiety and depression are more often than not really hard to manage. It can take a really long time and be be super frustrating to find the right combination of medicine and talk therapy to get under control. It’s something she’ll probably have to deal with for the rest of her life, and it would be great if she didn’t have a partner who pressured her to fix it quickly and seamlessly so that he can move on with his life and not have to deal with it anymore.

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Do you think Tyler is supportive of Catelynn? Could he be doing a lot better? Tell us in the comments!

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