Counting On reveals Jeremy had a bad-boy phase

In case you’ve somehow managed to escape the magnetic pull of the internet until now, here’s a brief Duggar update: Jinger is engaged to Jeremy Vuolo. On Tuesday’s season premiere of Counting On, we saw Jeremy earnestly ask Jim Bob if he could court her while Jim Bob ate a chocolate muffin — a far more genuine and interesting conversation than the one we saw when Ben asked to court Jessa. Jinger announced that she wanted to fast-track their engagement and that she was definitely into having a ton of kids. In short, things are as you’d expect in Duggar Land.

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Except not totally. We also learned on Tuesday that Jeremy had quite the rowdy past before he became acquainted with Jesus. He used to play professional soccer, which we knew, but he has a tattoo (not allowed in the Duggar universe) and he’s totally been drunk before. He also might have had sex? Or something resembling sex? While knowing these things might have caused the Duggars and their ilk to have an attack of the vapors, it actually makes a lot of sense given that Jinger has always been the Duggar everyone predicted would make a run for it.

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It’s probably good that Jinger’s engaged to a dude who at one point wasn’t on the path he is on now and who gets that rules are made to be broken, particularly in the form of a full-frontal hug that then ends up all over the internet. Last season on Counting On, Jessa interviewed that her sister’s big heart meant that the possibilities for her life were “limitless.” We know that’s not true; the Duggar daughters have very narrow parameters for how they’re allowed to proceed, but maybe Jinger’s relationship with Jeremy, someone who has seen a different world (he went to secular college!) and lived dangerously before becoming a pastor will help her feel OK about drifting a little from the confines of her family’s expectations. I’m not saying she’ll start wearing pants or something insane like that, but she might allow herself to loosen up some. She did admit in a YouTube video with Ben Seewald to having lived a “sinful life.” I can only imagine what that means to Jinger, but maybe being with Jeremy, who seems like he’s forgiven himself for his past “wrong-doings” and moved on, will help her get in touch with who she is and not feel badly about it. Maybe? I can hope. In the meantime, we are definitely going to be seeing every step of this courtship/engagement this season, so brace yourselves.

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What do you think about Jinger and Jeremy’s relationship? Should his past be an issue? Tell us in the comments!

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