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Mariah Carey may not be happy with Nick Cannon’s latest sex confession

Nick Cannon doesn’t really believe in keeping his sex life a mystery. Even if he’s talking about his ex-wife, Mariah Carey. Cannon was recently a guest on The Amber Rose Show when Rose asked him if he had ever had sex with Mariah to one of her songs.

Cannon didn’t even hesitate or act like he wasn’t going to answer the question. He quickly said, “I’ve answered this question while I was married — mistake!”

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But apparently not a big enough mistake to stop himself. He said, “Yes, I have. She didn’t like the fact that I told the world that we have sex to her music, but it was true!”

He continued with, “Can you imagine having sex with Mariah Carey while Mariah Carey is playing in the back? Sorry, Mariah. I said I wasn’t going to say that again.”

Rose then asked him to specify which song he and Carey made love to. Cannon stood up quickly to sing a part of her famous song “Hero.”

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I’m positive that there is an entire generation of people who have had sex to Carey’s songs, and maybe even “Hero,” but it’s a little weird to hear Cannon bragging about it — especially right after he admits to Carey being angry at him for revealing that detail the first time he did it.

Surely now that the couple is divorced, she’ll be even less pleased with him for telling all their intimate secrets. And even if Cannon isn’t concerned with what Carey thinks, he’s currently dating another huge R&B star, TLC’s Chilli.

She herself is a very private woman, and watching him put everything out there like he did may cause her to re-evaluate what’s going on. Clearly if he isn’t scared to talk about his ex, then he won’t hesitate to tell the world about his current girlfriend.

Let’s just hope this is the last time we hear Cannon give details about his sex life to anyone, so we can save everyone the headache.

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