American Horror Story Season 6 might bring the series full circle

Just because, according to FX, the American Horror Story Season 6 promos are meant to be misdirects, it doesn’t mean there isn’t truth in them.

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And the just-released promo definitely gives us cause for some heavy speculation about what the upcoming season means for the series.

In the 30-second teaser trailer, we see iconic moments from all the other seasons of the show. It starts out with a black rubber suit reaching for the camera. Then we see a nun with black, bloody eyes, followed by a witchy triple snake kiss, the underbelly of the circus big top and, finally, Hotel Cortez.

The trailer has many fans speculating that this means the show will finally come full circle in the sixth season by connecting all the story lines together.

Thanks to new set photos obtained by TMZ, there is a theory that the new season will focus on the lost Roanoke Colony. You may remember back in Season 1’s “Murder House” theme, Sarah Paulson’s character, Billie Dean, told a story about a group of colonists who died and came back to haunt the Native Americans. The Native Americans then performed an exorcism to stop the terror.

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The scariest part of this tale is that it’s founded in truth. In 1590, a group of 117 North Carolina colonists vanished. The only clue about what happened to them was the word “CROATOAN” — the name of a nearby Native American tribe — carved into a tree.

In the TMZ photos, you can see just such a tree with just such a word carved into it, which means that even if the theme of this season isn’t Roanoke specifically, the show will definitely be delving into some aspect of the mystery.

Also, it’s important to note that just because Season 6 might have its own theme with its own character, it doesn’t mean the show won’t also draw connections to the other seasons. If that’s the case, then show creator Ryan Murphy may be well on his way to wrapping up the series.

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Check out the full trailer below:

Do you think American Horror Story‘s seasons are all connected? Will Season 6 be the last for the series?