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Julianne Hough thought mooning her fans would be funny — they disagree

Julianne Hough is losing a lot of fans this morning, and it’s all over her decision to post a photo of herself and her friends mooning the camera.

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Taking to Instagram, Hough posted a photo of herself, her best friend, Nina Dobrev, and another brunette woman sitting on a boat and looking out at the moon during their vacation in Idaho. The problem? Critics are mad that the photo, which Hough captioned with “Full moons,” shows all three women ditching their bikini bottoms and showing off their butt cheeks.

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Full moons! 🌝🌝🌝

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“Who wants to see that… just lost a follower…yuck!!!!” hoags4 commented.

“Take this off,” 61dcb50 demanded, and melaniegreaves slammed the star for being “Trashy.”

Other commenters have expressed their disappointment in Hough’s picture, saying it lacks class and warning her to not become a “sell out.”

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“Aww this makes me sad. Don’t sell out girl! You’re one of the good ones,” brandylrunyan wrote.

“Why you should Take this photo. Are you nude model…. Of course not,” __tereska shared.

“Why …. you had so much class,” we4kingsr wrote. Aliciamaryyyie agreed, writing, “I’m a huge fan your [sic] very inspiring but this is so tacky no class.”

It’s evident that the photo, which Hough obviously thought was funny and witty, has not made the same impression on her fans. And as for Dobrev? She also thought the photo was amusing and shared it on her own account, along with the caption, “Four Full moons in Ida-hoe #Cheeky.”

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But is posting a photo of your butt really that bad, or are people overreacting? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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