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Jaden Smith’s inspiration for his clothing line is particularly powerful

Jaden Smith has a unique sense of style and he’s been applauded for breaking gender roles by wearing womenswear, so it makes perfect sense that he’d be launching his own clothing line. And the inspiration for his collection is very special.

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Smith’s new line, MSFTSrep, was influenced by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s work, and he was happy to share the details behind it during an interview with Entertainment Tonight at Variety‘s Power of Young Hollywood Issue Celebration in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

“I just dropped a collection today and, you know, every inspiration for every collection is something different every time, but right now the inspiration I use is Martin Luther King,” he told the publication.

But which of Luther King Jr.’s many accomplishments caught Smith’s attention?

It turns out that it was a letter he wrote while in a Birmingham jail cell, a letter which Smith says had “a lot of powerful, powerful, powerful things in his rhetoric inside of this masterpiece that he wrote, which is just so beautiful.”

Smith claims his clothing line is all about “empowering the youth,” and while Luther King Jr. wrote the letter several decades ago, Smith notes that the meaning is particularly relevant today.

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“But the thing I took away is non-violent, direct action programs… and I just feel like that was written so long ago, but it applies so much to what’s happening right now in the world,” Smith said. “So that’s why I want to give it to the kids. I want the kids to…you know, rep[resent] that non-violent, direct action program of doing exactly what you see that you need to do, and changing the world.”

What do you think of Jaden Smith’s comments on youth empowerment? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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