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People are so fired up over a pic of Jim Bob Duggar holding two baby boys

Jim Bob Duggar started some unexpected social media drama when he posted a #ThrowbackThursday photo posing on a trampoline with now-17-year-old twin sons Jed Duggar and Jer Duggar as babies.

The photo may look like just a harmless #TBT, but some Instagram users were angry that Duggar potentially put his children in danger by jumping on a trampoline with them.

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While Duggar likely didn’t actually jump on the trampoline with the babies in his arms or put them in harm’s way, that didn’t stop the internet from jumping to conclusions.

“Trampolines with babies isn’t safe, if he had half a brain he would know that. Don’t care who it is,” wrote @mmmmm4565.

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Some Instagram users also were upset that the baby boys were naked in the photo, noting that the Duggars may be unlikely to post a throwback photo of one of their female children naked as an infant.

“Oh wait I guess it’s ok for them to be naked bc it’s boys…. If that was two of the girls it would never see the light of day,” said @playsinrain.

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Fans of the famous reality fam then jumped in to defend them against haters.

“I’m tried of seeing them get hate if you don’t like them why comment there an amazing family they don’t read this hate comments so why comment them there not even looking at the comment you say it’s just a waste of your time,” said @jillandjessa_countingon.

“Ok seriously everyone just needs to stop with the hate the are just a family living there life, how would you guys like to be criticized on every little thing you guys do! It’s not fun! So just leave them alone they never did anything to you guys,” wrote @duggar.bates.16.

Another day, another Duggar Instagram scandal in the books.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

duggars and bates slideshow
Image: Duggar Family Official Facebook

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