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Animal cruelty isn’t the butt of a joke — therefore, I hate Blake Shelton

Now, I realize that I will be opening myself up for some hate here, but I have been feeling something for a long time and I’ve realized I have to shout it from the rooftops.

I can’t stand Blake Shelton.

Phew. It feels really good to get that out.

I’ll preface by admitting that I abhor country music with the fury of a thousand suns, but that has nothing to do with my personal loathing of Shelton. Even if he were a lead character on Game of Thrones, I would still hate this jagweed (Liz Lemon, FTW). It has nothing to do with his music — I’m sure his songs are fun and catchy.

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I’ll admit, he seems like a swell guy at times when he is hamming it up on The Voice. Sure, there are times when I have reconsidered my position regarding his existence, but I always come to the same conclusion; he’s just not very nice. I am basing this off of his own representation of himself, guys. Read some of his tweets and you will understand my plight a little bit. He’s a prime example of the notion that just because something sounds really hilarious or interesting in your own brain, that doesn’t mean you should share it with the rest of the world. In fact, in Shelton’s case, it’s decidedly ill advised to publish something every time you feel a neuron firing.

Shelton has proven time and time again that he is — at the very least — careless, thoughtless and ignorant. That alone makes his shenanigans completely tiresome. Look, I am all set with giving a bumbling fool a million bucks and a microphone. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like he kicks puppies or some…

Image: Twitter/ @blakeshelton

Oh yeah.

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Well, he isn’t “joking” about or actually running over endangered species in his car and then tweeting about…

Image: Twitter/ @blakeshelton
You see, I have this weird thing where the endorsement of animal cruelty, whether sincere or feigned for cheap laughs, disgusts and repels me. It especially makes me dry heave when someone with considerable influence makes this move.

Guys, I could do this all day.

The man reacts to people tweeting that they don’t dig him anymore like a 10-year-old responds to someone calling him smelly. It’s so cringeworthy to watch a grown man whose chosen career has placed him in the public eye respond to people on Twitter like a petulant child. When you know you can get a rise out of a celebrity just by saying, “I don’t listen to your music when it comes on,” you know you are dealing with a special kind of entitled. How dare anyone not like him and his delightful brand of silly, hateful arrogance mixed with a dash of schoolyard bully?! Banish the defectors, immediately.

Come on! Is that a grown man or a bratty teen? Hey, that could be a fun new game.

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I could go on and on about the various reasons that Blake Shelton rubs me the wrong way but I’ll stop here. There is a whole slew of racist, sexist and homophobic tweets to gag over as well. You can find those right here, so I’ll spare you the rehash. Of course, this is one girl’s opinion. He could be a great dude and I am just somehow missing all of his super-decent moments.


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