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Not excited to watch Miley Cyrus on The Voice? Just get out now

The new season of The Voice is a few weeks away, and if we weren’t already excited, Adam Levine is making it sound like the best season yet. The biggest difference? Miley Cyrus.

At 23, she is not only the youngest coach, but she’s bringing “the youthful spirit that we’ve been missing,” Levine said in a trailer for the show.

Blake Shelton, the other staple to the show, said that not only does Cyrus know how to perform in a way that captures the audience’s attention, “but she also has this ear for music.”

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It sounds like everyone is enamored with Cyrus. And really, we didn’t expect anything less. The girl may love to stick her tongue out and act like she doesn’t care, but she’s an amazing singer, songwriter and performer with a lot to offer, despite her age.

She’s also completely open to anyone’s style, which makes her a huge asset to The Voice hopefuls. She said, “If you’re rock, you get with Adam, if you’re country, you go with Blake. With me, I don’t think there’s that genre wall.”

It sounds like she’s the one whose chair you want to turn around if you’re auditioning. She probably won’t try to mold you into anything except who you want to be. We love that about her.

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Another big change this season is the even split in the coaches. For the first time ever, there will be two men, Levine and Shelton, and two women, Cyrus and Alicia Keys, coaching the contestants. We’re not sure why this is just now happening, but it’s a great change for the show.

Cyrus commented on the new structure of coaches. She said, “As much as the world likes to make this girl cat fight scenario, that’s actually Blake and Adam.”

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Changing up the types of coaches they’re using on The Voice is good for everyone. It’ll keep the viewers interested and will give the contestants a better chance of finding someone who understands their vision. We can’t wait to see how it all unfolds in September when the new season airs!

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

The Voice winners slideshow
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