Married at First Sight couples have it rough when it comes to arguments

Aug 20, 2016 at 12:00 p.m. ET

In last night's episode of Married at First Sight, conflict arises and some couples have difficulty resolving it. Conflict resolution skills are important in all couples, so in order for these couples to survive, they need to figure it out soon.

Some of the couples on Married at First Sight struggled with conflict this week. Derek and Heather discussed his habit of smoking, which Heather had just discovered. She told him that she was uncomfortable with it. The two struggled to solve the issue. Derek told her that he felt judged and that she needed to compromise. Heather told the camera that she was very sad. Although the two were matched on compatibility, the match does not make up for the lack of relationship development that would normally have occurred.

On the other hand, Sonia and Nick had a discussion while on their honeymoon that also caused a conflict to occur around him stating something about liking the pace of getting to know each other at the speed they were in at the moment and not going any faster. Sonia seemed bothered by this after telling him that she likes him. She felt upset and shut off. Nick left the room and she cried. Here is another example that they have not had time to develop a relationship to know each other’s patterns and ways in a relationship that might have occurred if they knew each other before marriage. However, Sonia appeared to be able to move on, and they are able to go forward after taking some time apart. These two display some problem-solving skills that will likely serve them well later.

Lillian and Tom also struggled with some miscommunication about materialism and cars. They are able to work through this issue and appear to go forward like the other couple.

Conflict management is important for all couples, new and old. With Married at First Sight couples, they have a challenge because they were not given a process to date and work out some things before marriage and commitment. While this may or may not hinder love developing, the audience will have to keep watching to see what comes about for these three couples in terms of staying together or growing apart.