We seriously doubt Selena Gomez is still hung up on Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have one of the most complicated relationships, like, ever, but we find this new report about Gomez still burning a flame for Bieber just a little unbelievable and, actually, kind of offensive.

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The exes got into a heated exchange of words via Instagram last week, with both of them making cheating allegations against the other. While we acknowledge that at one time these two definitely did love each other, we’re rolling our eyes at the source who told Hollywood Life that “the big reason she is still hung up on Justin is the same reason so many women fall in love with him, he is gorgeous and super talented.”

Um, hello, can the same not be said of Gomez? She’s also gorgeous and super talented, and if she’s accused Bieber of cheating on her with multiple people, why would she want him back? That just really doesn’t add up.

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But there’s more. According to the source, “Despite everything, Selena still thinks Justin is really hot and that is why she has a hard time leaving him alone. There’s still a lot of attraction to him.” Ugh.

People need to leave Bieber and Gomez alone — they’ve been broken up for a long time, and really, they both seem to be doing fine without the other in their life. So can we all just move on now from the whole Jelena thing?

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Is it time everyone stopped talking about Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s past? Share your thoughts with us.

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