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Bethenny Frankel did the right thing on RHONY, despite it going horribly wrong

Bethenny Frankel revealed the secret of Tom D’Agostino’s infidelity to LuAnn de Lesseps on tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York and it did not go well. Actually, Frankel didn’t even have a chance to tell de Lesseps before she ran away in tears. All Frankel got out was that she knows something about D’Agostino and that what she knows is true.

That was enough to send de Lesseps over the edge. She ran out of Frankel’s hotel room crying (sort of) and yelled at the production crew to stop filming her while she was going through what everyone in a relationship dreads.

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Frankel felt terrible for what she did and how she made de Lesseps feel, but the truth is she did the right thing, despite the bad reaction.

De Lesseps is ultimately going to do whatever she wants to with D’Agostino. She’s going to end up forgiving his actions and probably marry him in their New Year’s Eve ceremony as planned. But that isn’t Frankel’s concern.

Really all she needs to worry about is whether or not she can call herself a good friend who lives with integrity and openness. And she can do that because she broke the news to de Lesseps. She proved that she is a friend anyone can count on to tell the truth and to do it in a way that is compassionate but honest.

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And that’s the kind of friend we all hope to be and hope to have. If that results in de Lesseps being angry at Frankel because she can’t be mad at her fiancé, than that’s what has to happen. But it’s not a reflection on Frankel’s decision-making or ethics as a friend. It’s a reflection on de Lesseps’ priorities in life.

We think Frankel did the right thing and should be celebrated for having to do a very difficult thing, and doing it kindly.

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