Would Cookie and Lucious reuniting help Empire or hurt it?

Ah, can you feel it? No, I’m not talking the change in the air that precedes the impending arrival of fall, although I am talking about something equally anticipated in all its glory — the premiere of Empire‘s third season! And thanks to a new teaser trailer Fox just dropped, Sept. 21 just can’t come fast enough.

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In the new clip, viewers see flashbacks of the first day Cookie and Lucious met, along with myriad other moments in the iconic couple’s history. Essentially, the entire trailer is an homage to their (complicated) love story.

But wait… does this mean these two are headed for a reconciliation? It would certainly seem that way, and I’m not convinced that would elicit the response in viewers the network is hoping for. Here’s why.

While I personally found last season of Empire enjoyable, there were admittedly some seriously soapy moments. If you take a few minutes to troll comment forums about the show, it becomes readily apparent many fans were not happy with the direction the show took.

Given the critically acclaimed series’ undeniable buzz following a stellar first season, people seem to think the show went off the rails at some point. By now, the series’ execs have obviously heard this backlash and are trying to figure out a way to get back on track.

I just don’t know that the solution is bringing Cookie and Lucious back together.

We saw a reconciliation between the storied pair very nearly happen last season. Of course, that went south fast when Lucious strategically married Anika to prevent the feds from investigating her about him. Cookie vowed she was done, but if this promo pans out, that must have been easier said than done.

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It’s not that fans would hate seeing Cookie and Lucious together again, per se. In fact, even though it’s not the outcome I’m hoping for this season, I would probably feel some warm and fuzzies. After everything they went through last season, though, it would almost seem like a cheap trick to stick them back together. Why? Because I don’t see Cookie backing down from her stance quite so soon.

Plus, there’s been major buzz about Taye Diggs joining the cast as a potential romantic connection for Cookie. His character, Angelo Dubois, is rumored to be an anti-Lucious type who champions for the community and is an all-around decent guy.

Sure, Cookie has had flings outside of Lucious since the series started. But we’ve never seen her with someone who would be quite so threatening to Lucious because it is a character who Lucious can’t really understand. Lucious knows how to deal with people in the rap game or hustlers from the street like himself.

Ultimately, I’m not opposed to Cookie and Lucious coming back together. After all, this is the Lyon dynasty we’re talking about, and they are the queen and king. Still, we’re only entering the third season — wouldn’t it be better if Fox gave the situation room to breathe?

When the series returns, the Lyon family will clearly be dealing with a lot. Secret family members with nefarious intentions just popped into the picture. Hakeem just got ditched on his wedding day. And, oh you know, Anika and Rhonda quite possibly took a plunge over a balcony together.

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To use a sports analogy, I think Season 3 should be a “rebuilding year.” Empire lost a few key players, is gaining new ones, and needs a minute to regroup after some unfavorable ratings and reviews. So you know what that means — put a pin in Cookie and Lucious, and bring on Taye Diggs!

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