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Ashley Olsen’s rumored boyfriend’s past isn’t her problem

Ashley Olsen’s rumored boyfriend, George Condo, is apparently still married. According to Radar Online, Condo, who is 58, is currently in the middle of a very bitter divorce with his ex-wife. Technically, that means that Olsen is dating a married man, but she’s not the homewrecker everyone is painting her to be.

According to the court documents, Condo’s divorce was filed back in May of 2015, over a year before he and Olsen started dating. Unfortunately, Condo and his ex-wife were not able to come to an agreement, so they’ve been to trial to have a judge decide on the details for them.

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It’s a lot of headaches and heartbreaks, but it’s not uncommon for people who’ve been married for a long time and have a lot of valuable assets to divide up.

However, none of this has anything to do with Olsen. She didn’t cause the divorce and she certainly has nothing to do with the bitter fight that he’s engaged in. She’s got her own money, her own life and doesn’t need anything that Condo is fighting his ex-wife for. She’s just found someone she is interested in and is in the very beginning stages of a relationship. All of this other drama is just unnecessary.

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It’s unfortunate that the couple, who hasn’t been together that long, already has to deal with rumors like this, but it does set them up to see whether or not they can make it. With Olsen being one of the most famous celebrities there is, Condo will always be under a lot of scrutiny as long as he’s with her. This is his chance to get used to it or move on.

Obviously, we hope it works out for both of them. But more importantly, we hope nasty rumors and shaming based on no real facts just stop. Whether or not Olsen and Condo stay together, the behavior of shaming women without all the details needs to stop.

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