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Um, why is Amy Schumer blocking women from her Twitter?

Amy Schumer should be having a really great day. Her book, The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo, comes out today. Her fans should be sending her endless love on Twitter. But instead, she’s blocking women left and right and making a lot of people confused.

It all started because a writer on her show, Kurt Metzger, decided it would be a good idea to mock women who call out alleged rapists. On Facebook, numerous women in the UCB comedy community alleged that one of the male comedians in the community was sexually harassing and had even raped a few of them. They were asking the powers that be to ban him from participating in their community.

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Metzger decided he was offended by this. In his Facebook post, he mocked the women for pretending to be brave by coming forward with allegations but not going to the police about it. But instead of making a calm, rational suggestion to his fellow comedians, he went on a toddler-like rant that amounted to nothing more than misogyny and bad behavior.

Kurt Metzger FB post
Image: Facebook
Kurt Metzger FB post
Image: Facebook

According to The Daily Dot, Metzger at one point called women “hens” and said that he loves when stupid people are angry at him.

Obviously, women writers and comedians decided to do something about his ignorant hate speeches and started tweeting to Schumer and Comedy Central, asking them to reprimand Metzger, at the very least, for the things he was saying.

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Schumer is, after all, a very outspoken feminist, so it would just make sense that she would step in and do something about what was going on.

But in a totally unexpected move, Schumer started blocking the women who were asking her to do something. Not only did she ignore them, but she totally blocked them from reaching out to her at all.

There is obviously a difference between Schumer and Metzger, and Schumer didn’t have anything to do with what he said. But the fact that she’s blocking women who are trying to get him to stop shaming victims is her way of siding with Metzger and, in a way, cosigning what he posted.

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We’re totally confused about why Schumer would side with someone who is clearly out to offend a very vulnerable group of women. There had better be a really good explanation for what she’s doing, because otherwise we need to question whether or not we want to support her in the future.

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