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Why is everyone so worried about Marc Anthony’s ‘young’ wife?

Yeah, Marc Anthony’s wife is younger than him. So what?

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A recent photo has sparked some comments about Anthony’s relationship with Shannon De Lima. In the pic, Anthony and De Lima pose backstage with Anthony’s ex, Jennifer Lopez, and her boyfriend, choreographer Casper Smart.

Anthony and Lopez split pretty amicably and have a good, friendly relationship now, which is good news, especially because they share 8-year-old twins, Max and Emme. But that’s not why the photo got the attention that it did.

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The problem, according to some, is apparently the age of Anthony’s wife. He’s 47, and she’s 28. Media that covered the photo referred to her as his “young wife,” and I guess it makes sense (sort of) for media outlets to have called him out on dating someone so young when they first started dating super soon after he finalized his divorce with Lopez, who is also 47. But to keep bringing it up and insinuating that Anthony is doing something sleazy by being with a 28-year-old woman is actually a huge double standard, because Lopez’s boyfriend, Smart, is only 29.

There’s definitely a stereotype — in Hollywood and beyond — that sleazy older men go for the younger ladies. But in this case, it’s really not fair to categorize Anthony that way. He and De Lima have been married for years and appear to have a real, long-lasting relationship. And it’s just not fair to look down on him and insinuate that he traded in J-Lo for a younger model, because technically, she did the same.

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Do you think it’s sexist for media outlets to focus on the age of Marc Anthony’s wife?

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