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9 hilarious, eye-rolling quotes from Bachelor in Paradise‘s Daniel Maguire

Let’s get it out there: Daniel Maguire is very, very easy on the eyes. But if you grow tired of staring at the personal trainer’s godlike abs while watching Bachelor in Paradise, then there’s always his interesting personality to fall back on.

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Maguire, who hails from Vancouver, is unfiltered and pretty hilarious, whether or not he means to be, and he’s already given us a lot of memorable moments during his time as a reality TV star. Here are some of his most hilarious, controversial and eye-rolling quotes.

1. On the Olympic Games:

The rest of the world has been closely monitoring the feats of the greatest athletes in the world, but not Maguire. Nope, he’d rather watch himself. “I have not been watching the Olympics, really. I find a lot of it quite boring. I’d much rather be participating in a sport,” he told Vancouver Sun. “I’d rather watch myself on TV.”

2. On why he doesn’t have tattoos:

Tattoos aren’t for everyone, and that’s fair enough, except Maguire doesn’t have any because he thinks his body is like a luxury car. When answering a question for his profile on The Bachelorette, his response to whether he had tattoos was simple: “No — same reason you don’t put stickers on a lambo…”

3. On dating fails:

Ever wondered what Maguire’s biggest dating fear is? Turns out it’s got a lot to do with appearance. “That she doesn’t look like she does in pictures,” he wrote, adding, “Or when on a date, she embarrasses me in a restaurant.”

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4. On Chad Johnson toning down his personality:

Perhaps one of Maguire’s most controversial quotes was directed at The Bachelorette villain, Chad Johnson. During their man-to-man conversation on the show, he told his friend to stop being like Adolf Hitler. “So let’s be not so much like Hitler, maybe be more like Mussolini, you know? Or Bush, right?” he suggested. “Just maybe take it down a notch, right?”

5. On why he’s single:

According to Wetpaint, Maguire had these words of wisdom about why he’s single, and he also makes some great bird references. He said, “I have very high standards. An eagle doesn’t settle for a pigeon, right? An eagle settles for an eagle. I don’t know what’s better than an eagle, like a pterodactyl or something?”

6. On his feelings toward Chad:

Maguire had a pretty strange one-liner that was directed at Johnson. He said, “People are getting scared. They think you’re like Hannibal.” You know, the cannibalistic sociopath.

7. On what he hopes to achieve while on Bachelor in Paradise:

Let’s just say Maguire is pretty realistic when it comes to matters of the heart, and he’s not dead-set on finding love. Instead, he just wants to have a good time. “I’m rooting for myself to have a good time, maybe meet someone,” he said with a laugh. LOL!

8. On his constant presence:

Maguire dropped this absolute gem during Bachelor in Paradise, and it may be our favourite one-liner, like, ever: “I’m like a disease that won’t go away, like herpes or something… It’s treatable nowadays.”

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9. On returning to TV for a second show:

There’s no denying that Maguire loves the limelight, as he revealed during an interview with Straight: “I’m happy that I’m seeing more of myself on TV the second time around, because it’s not all just about Chad, and other people deserve to be seen, and there’s a lot to be shown and their experience, and not just one person.”

Love him or hate him, there’s no denying that Daniel Maguire makes for some really great TV.

Has Daniel Maguire won you over? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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