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I really hope Bachelor in Paradise didn’t fake Evan Bass’ medical emergency

Evan’s whole “medical emergency” situation on Bachelor in Paradise tonight just felt really, really off to me.

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He took some medication that made him feel strange. Then he drank with Carly, Daniel and Sarah on their double date that wasn’t really a date. Then a producer found him passed out and he wouldn’t wake up, but said producer didn’t take him to a hospital. They just called a medic. Then Evan woke up fine and just laughed it off? And then he and Carly made out like it was no big deal?

Something is seriously messed up with the whole situation.

I really hope that Evan didn’t fake it to get Carly’s attention or that the show didn’t fake the seriousness of the situation in order to get Carly back with Evan.

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I guess, ultimately, it doesn’t matter, because for some unknown reason, Carly was into the whole thing. And I say “unknown reason” because she was so set against Evan last episode and nearly the entirety of tonight’s episode. She kept calling him “weird” and seemed like she was totally turned off by him until they started making out. That’s when she admitted that she kinda liked weird.

Is she just playing hard to get? If so, that makes her the messed up one for encouraging Evan to go to such extremes to get her attention, which is what the “medical emergency” seemed like to me.

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At the end of the day, I’m glad Evan is OK, but is anyone else wondering what kind of pill he took that made him feel off? I mean, the guy is an erectile disfunction expert after all. Please tell me I’m not the only one thinking he took something to plan ahead for his potential dates this week. That definitely sounds like a question for the reunion episode.

Do you think Evan faked his medical condition or did we just not see the whole story?

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