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Just how intimate are these bedroom tapes with Madonna going to be?

A Madonna documentary is currently in the works that promises to show footage of her relationship with Dan Gilroy. Emmy and the Breakfast Club will show Madonna and Gilroy’s relationship between 1979 and 1982, right before Madonna found fame. According to Page Six, part of the documentary will include recordings of “bedroom talk” between Gilroy and Madonna.

The director of the documentary, which Madonna hasn’t given her consent to, said the film will show everything from “sweet little love notes that she would leave for Dan” to “very poetic love letters ­expressing her feelings for him and the struggles of their relationship.”

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One portion making big news is the 20-minute recording the couple made in bed, which captures the pair “having fun with each other and bedroom talk, and also getting into a little philosophical life discussion.”

The director described it as “silly, romantic bantering.”

There are two ways to look at this documentary. It might be a wild invasion of Madonna’s privacy — basically a glorified sex tape. If that’s the case, we’re definitely boycotting the whole thing. Even if it happened over 30 years ago, exposing someone’s intimate moments without their consent is definitely always wrong.

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But, it could also be another type of art born out of a very important relationship. The bedroom talk could be innocent pillow talk between two young people, one on the verge of making history. In that case, the documentary could be totally innocent. People have been making works of art based on their relationships for decades, and the fact that the other person happens to be Madonna is just a coincidence.

And we’d be happy to watch that documentary. Excited even.

But because those are two totally different directions, we’re going to need more information on the documentary before we decide whether or not we’re going to support it. Let’s all hope that it’s innocent and sweet, because otherwise it’s just gross.

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What do you think? Does the director have good intentions? Let me know.

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