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Holy moly, Rita Ora’s suggestive photo is really upsetting pearl clutchers

Rita Ora is a beautiful woman who is clearly comfortable with her sexuality, and that’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. However, there’s been a dramatic outcry over one of her latest Instagram pictures for this exact reason.

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Every year, LOVE magazine puts together a Christmas Advent calendar that makes headlines for the bevy of beautiful women it features (last year included Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Irina Shayk).

Ora has secured a spot in this year’s calendar — although it isn’t the first time, as she has previously appeared dressed in a PVC Santa costume — and she was so pleased that she decided to take to Instagram to share a photo of herself in the lederhosen-inspired ensemble she will be wearing for the shoot, complete with white panties with a cheeky heart in the centre.

But her decision to share the snap on social media has angered a lot of people. Comments on the picture include some of pure disappointment, with fans like emlively4 writing, “You used to be very inspiring now your just chavvy [sic]” and karl_kruz1 commenting, “Don’t like this pic, it looks cheap, you can do better than this Rita.”

Other comments go as far as to slut-shame Ora. “Fucking slut,” mak_kappa wrote. And lyndajd55 shared similar thoughts, writing, “You look like a tart sorry but true.”

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“I don’t think anyone wants to see that that’s gross I thought you were a sweet lovely person but now looking at this photo I am having second thoughts @ritaora,” sweetie_pie2005 shared.

Other critics have even accused Ora of undermining the fact that women seek equality yet choose to put their bodies on display.

“And women always complain about not being taken seriously….” shaun.gardner shared, while roosterillusion questioned if this was the sort of picture a role model should be posting: “At what point is it acceptable, or even applicable, to flash your pants for a picture? Especially when you have a some young female follows. Get some morals. [sic]”

Wait a second — are we really reading these comments? In 2016, do people still believe that posing suggestively undermines a woman’s fight for equality? That this decision should open her up to judgment and negativity?

Surely it’s empowering that women have the right to choose what they do with their bodies and how they portray them. If people don’t want to see pictures of beautiful, talented and confident women like Ora, they can simply click the “unfollow” button.

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We understand that this photo and the calendar in general are not everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s fair enough, but the hate on this picture is taking things way too far.

What do you think? Share your thoughts with us on Rita Ora’s picture and the backlash she’s received because of it in the comments below.

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