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The story of RHOP star falsely accused of virtual kidnapping is so bizarre

There is no way to start this story that makes any sense. It’s the definition of a WTF moment. A few months ago, Karen Huger, one of the stars of The Real Housewives of Potomac, posted a video to her Instagram that showed an adorable baby girl, Madison, practicing her makeup. The caption of the video read, “Introducing my family’s youngest little #divaintraining #babies #babygirl #babyfashion #RHOP.”

When she uploaded the video, it got a little love and everything was OK. But last night, a woman named Nicole Milfie went off on Huger because she is actually the baby’s mother.

Here’s the recap of the story just so you can fully understand how strange it is. Huger saw a video of a child, put that video on her own Instagram and claimed it as her own family. But then the baby’s actual family found the video and started attacking Huger for being a crazy person.

The whole situation is a cross between catfishing and virtual kidnapping — something we didn’t even know was a thing. But it gets even weirder.

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When the child’s mom, Nicole Milfie, called Huger out, Huger didn’t acknowledge that anything she did was out of line and she didn’t act like she was going to take the video down. She actually stood by her decision, commenting, “Why u so stupid? Love has no boundaries! #onelove.”

Like I said, W.T.F?

As you might imagine, the mom was livid with Huger’s response. She’s been using her Twitter and her Instagram to get the attention of Huger, Bravo and Andy Cohen. I’m sure that if Huger had changed the caption or apologized to Milfie, this would have been a non-issue.

But when Huger called Milfie stupid for being offended by the post, she crossed the line and everything blew up.

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Now, both Huger and Milfie have given official responses (read: posted a screenshot of an iPhone note to Twitter) to clear the entire thing up.

Apparently, the baby from the video’s grandfather is a close friend of Huger’s mom, who is very ill. The grandfather explained to Milfie that one of the only sources of happiness for this sick elderly woman is pictures of his grandchild, so Milfie would send photos and videos to her grandfather to show the woman.

Huger, grateful to Madison for bringing joy to her sick mother, posted one of those videos to her Instagram to talk about the happiness she has brought to her family. And thus the drama began.

But now, everything seems to be fine between the two women. Huger said, “Madison is a beautiful baby girl who lifts the spirits of everyone around her. I never claimed that this child was my own. What I did say (check your facts) is this child is family. And she very much is. You don’t have to be blood related to consider others family.”

Milfie followed up with by writing, “My apologies for the confusion! I have spoken to Karen and she is a very kind woman, we apologize for the rukus (sic).”

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This is a lot of drama for a Monday afternoon, but we’re glad everything has worked out (and that Huger isn’t as oblivious as some reports made her sound earlier today).

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