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Six years after open-heart surgery, Barbara Walters is back in the hospital

Update Aug. 16, 2016, 8 a.m. PT: According to the Daily Mail, Barbara Walters’ rep has responded to rumors that she was hospitalized, and insists she’s fine. Walters’ rep said Walters did go to the hospital, but only for a routine appointment.

It’s not true,” the rep said. “She wasn’t rushed to hospital, she just saw her doctor. There is no heart problem, God forbid.”

This in response to earlier reports that Barbara Walters’ health struggle may be continuing. Reports emerged via Radar Online that she’s been hospitalized for a heart condition, six years after her open-heart surgery.

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According to Radar, Walters checked in to Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York City on Aug. 9. There’s no word on whether she has already been released or is still undergoing treatment.

A rep for Walters says that the visits were simply routine. “Barbara had some routine doctors appointments and is fine and at home,” said the spokesperson. But an anonymous insider has more detail: “She was experiencing heart complications.”

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Fans may remember that Walters spent 10 days in the hospital in 2010 for surgery to replace an aortic valve. Walters wrote about the experience for Vanity Fair shortly afterwards, saying “Open-heart surgery sounds so awful that everyone worries about you, and what with the phone calls, the notes, and the flowers — all extolling your virtues and letting you know how wonderful you are — you feel as if you were reading your obituary.” She returned to work less than two months later.

The surgery gave her a new lease on life, she wrote, “The surgery had to have had some meaning for me. I decided that with my new heart it was time for a new attitude, time to do things I had wanted to do for years and not continue doing things I had no serious interest in.”

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