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Move over Drake, we’re really interested in your dad (and for good reason)

We love Drake. But there may be someone else from his family that we’re going to become a fan of really soon, because Drake’s father, Dennis Graham, is launching his own music career.

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At 60-something years old, Graham is proving that it’s never too late to follow your dreams, and he’s teamed up with Jamie Iovine (legend Jimmy Iovine’s son), a producer and CRO at Meltdown Comics. But what exactly can we expect from their collaboration?

Don’t hold your breath for tracks that could be the next “Hotline Bling” or “One Dance” because Graham’s sound is more classic R&B, and we’re in luck, because a snippet for the video of his first track “Kinda Crazy” was debuted by TMZ . We have a lot of thoughts about it.

So, here they are: 5 things we thought while watching the video for Dennis Graham’s new track.

1. He’s given a massive shoutout to his son

We love that Graham has given a shoutout to Drake in this video because he can be seen supporting his son’s label by wearing OVO (October’s Very Own) chains.

Drake's father launches his own music career
Image: Dennis Graham/YouTube

2. OMG, we know where Drake got his dance moves

Drake can do many things well, but his dancing ability is debatable as proven by the countless memes that were created from his moves during his “Hotline Bling” video, and it looks as though Graham and his son have the same choreographer.

Drake's dad launches his own music career

3. It’s old-school R&B

The video has a very old-school feel to it. Check out the candles, the smoke and the throne. Oh, Mr. Graham, the ’90s would be so proud.

Drake's father launches his own music career
Image: Dennis Graham/YouTube

4. Graham is a seriously stylish man

Look, we’re loving this all-white suit combo. Pretty fly!

Drake's father launches his own music career
Image: Dennis Graham/YouTube

5. Drake’s not the only one with an “obsession”

In the track, we hear Graham singing about having an “obsession,” and lately the media has been filled with reports about Drake’s feelings about Rihanna, so that definitely came to mind. Who is this beautiful blonde woman?

Drake's father launches his own music career
Image: Dennis Graham/YouTube

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Aside from the video, there’s some more important information we know about Graham’s career. He’s got serious cool points, as Iovine revealed in an email to Rolling Stone.

Dennis had always been sort of a legend around Los Angeles as one of the flyest, smoothest dudes in Hollywood, putting guys my age to shame on a nightly basis,” Iovine said.

As for how the project came about, Iovine told the magazine that he was contacted by Graham, who sent him the track from his upcoming debut album a few weeks later, a track that Iovine was very impressed with indeed.

“I had no idea what to expect but this guy has a lot of soul and passion for music, and you can see where Drake gets it from,” he said. And we think you might agree.

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What do you think of Dennis Graham’s debut track? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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