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Jared Leto accused of being a real creep on the set of Suicide Squad

We’ve already heard some rather disturbing tales from the Suicide Squad set. The entire cast getting tattooed, Jared Leto gifting rats and used condoms to his co-stars, Margot Robbie’s insane workout plan. But according to a new report, Leto’s method acting strategy may have taken a dangerous turn when he offended and “totally creeped out” one cast member.

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Ariane Bellamar spoke to Radar Online about her experience on set while playing the Joker’s muse, which was cut from the final film. She alleges Leto “rubb[ed] his crotch beneath his pants and growl[ed] at her in between takes while filming at a Toronto nightclub in June 2015.”

“He wasn’t hiding it or anything,” she says. “He did it every time he walked past me.”

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At first, Bellamar tried to laugh off Leto’s behavior as part of his method acting technique. But eventually he started to get to her, she says. “I’m not a prude, I’m easy-going,” she says. “But it was creepy. It took me completely off guard.” She continues, “I have a great deal of respect for method acting, but you can’t hide behind your craft. You have to be respectful of your fellow cast and crew.”

In a sad reality of what actresses have to put up with, Bellamar says she’s grateful for the experience of working beside Leto despite how he treated her. “Working opposite of Mr. Leto was an opportunity of a lifetime,” she wrote on Facebook.

Leto’s spokespeople deny that the incident ever happened. “There is absolutely no truth to this,” says a rep. “It’s completely false.”

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