Jinger Duggar was caught front-hugging, and it's all over the internet now

Aug 12, 2016 at 4:03 p.m. ET
Image: Julia Myers/TLC

We hate to use the world "normal," but Jinger Duggar and her new fiancé, Jeremy Vuolo, are no everyday couple. Not only are their lives filmed, but they have to adhere to a strict set of courtship rules. And they may have just violated one.

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The couple is getting called out for what may have been a forbidden "front hug," captured by Jinger's sister Jill. Commenters are split on whether the hug is actually frontal or the technically allowed "side hug." (For what it's worth, it's clearly a side hug — they are each only using one arm. Unless it's a handshake, touches don't get less romantic than that.) Commenters are also calling out Jill for sharing what is clearly a private moment between the couple as the two say goodbye at the airport.


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A fan from Team Side Hug writes, "I've seen her hug him several times, and it's never a side hug. She's the rebel!" Another disagrees: "Seems like more than a side hug..." But whether you're Team Side Hug or Front Hug, there's one crazy theory we can't help but enjoy: "Maybe they ran into the 'private screening area' and had a great makeout session after Jill took this picture," writes one commenter. Maybe, just maybe.

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