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You can thank Kendall Jenner for getting Rob Kardashian back on Instagram

After deleting all his photos from Instagram just weeks earlier, Rob Kardashian decided it was time to make another post on Thursday. However, it wasn’t just any old post — it was one that paid tribute to his baby sister, Kendall Jenner, in the most beautiful way.

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Taking to Instagram, Kardashian shared a photo of Jenner’s Vogue cover (she graces the September issue of the prestigious fashion magazine, an accomplishment she has dreamed of since a young girl), and it’s clear her brother is very, very proud of her achievement, as he captioned the post with a very supportive message. He wrote, “I’m so proud of you baby Sis September issue VOGUE!! LOVE YOU KENNY.”
There’s a lot of confusion about what’s been happening in Kardashian’s life at the moment, and no one is really sure what his official relationship status with Blac Chyna is at this point in time, but regardless of what he is going through in his personal life, he has remained a dedicated and loving brother — something fans have applauded him for.

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Comments on the picture are filled with praise for Kardashian and how supportive he is of his sisters.

“This is proving that ROB will always put family 1st no matter what. I love you guys!!!” iilxnhda commented. juliablas41 shared similar thoughts, writing, “great to see you supporting your family!!!! Make sure you tell them what u need as well. “

“That was nice to say about your sister,” jeremysp310 commented. And gijimenez12 also gushed about what an amazing brother Kardashian is: “You are such a sweet brother, keep it that way!!!”

Say what you want about the Kardashian-Jenner clan, but you can’t deny their love for one another, and really, it’s something quite beautiful to witness.

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Are you pleased Rob Kardashian is back on social media, and with the reason he chose to break his silence? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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