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James needs to make a move if he wants to keep Natalie in the Big Brother house

It was a double elimination night for the Big Brother house, and to absolutely no one’s surprise, two women were sent home. Zakiyah Everette and Bridgette Dunning were sent home, despite the fact that Paulie Calafiore wanted Michelle Meyer to be sent home instead of Everette.

It was the first small crack in Calafiore’s absolute power.

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With Everette and Dunning out of the house, there are only three women left, which means one of The Executives’ girlfriends are going to be voted up for eviction. James Huling is going to have to put up Nicole Negrotti, or Corey Brooks is going to have to vote in Nicole Franzel. And that’s where things are going to get good.

All the #WeHatePaulieCalafiore fans are putting their eggs in Huling’s basket. Not only is he completely smitten with Negrotti, but he’s not totally in love with the way that Calafiore has been running things in the house. Huling is happy to play along because he doesn’t need to make waves, but if it were a choice between Calafiore and Negrotti, he’s going to make some waves.

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Meyer has already spent this week explaining that Calafiore is too strong of a competitor not to evict. She doesn’t have enough influence in the house to flip everyone against him, but Huling might.

He is a veteran player, something that Calafiore can’t claim. Up until this point, Huling hasn’t pissed anyone off — another thing that Calafiore can’t claim. Plus he’s got the charm that makes people like Calafiore think he’s not making power moves while he’s taking over the house.

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There is a chance that this is all wishful thinking and that Calafiore’s hold is too strong on the house to overturn, but I don’t think Huling has it in him to send Negrotti home.

If he’s going to keep her safe, though, he’s got to make moves this week. There’s no more time to waste.

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