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Don’t expect JoJo Fletcher & Jordan Rodgers to keep their relationship private

The Bachelorette‘s JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers just moved in together in Fletcher’s hometown, proving that maybe their love really is the real deal.

TMZ captured photos of the pair loading Rodgers’ things into a moving truck. Then, the newly engaged couple documented their entire road trip from Rodgers’ pad in Nashville, Tennessee, to their new home in Dallas, Texas, on Snapchat.
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“We have a house, we want to get some furniture and get settled,” Rodgers told People magazine about the couple’s plans to move in together in a recent interview.

“We’re just excited to be together and be able to show our relationship to people who haven’t been able to see it,” Fletcher told the magazine.

So, when can we expect a wedding from these lovebirds? Fletcher revealed to the mag that Rodgers is “always trying to elope like every other day!”

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The couple says they plan on getting married sometime in 2017. Right now, the pair is focusing on getting into a routine of living together.

“I’m ready for a sense of normalcy, We want to get into a routine with each other, getting into one place, moving in — I can’t wait to go furniture shopping and grocery shopping. I love that. I’m so all about that,” Rodgers revealed. “I’m looking forward to getting settled in Dallas. Once we’re settled and we have furniture to sit on, we’ll sit down and figure it out.”

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“The good news is that we have each other to figure it out with,” Fletcher added.

When asked if the couple plans on having kids anytime soon, Fletcher replied, “Pump the brakes! Absolutely, I want kids. I need a couple of years at least. I’m thinking five years. Like [when I turn] 30 would be great!”

It looks like they’ll just settle on having Fletcher’s dog as a “child” for now. Rodgers told People magazine that he was excited to meet his “first child,” aka Fletcher’s pup, and even posted a Snapchat joking about being the dog’s father.

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