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The biggest surprise from the Marriage Boot Camp finale? Memphitz & Toya Wright

Well, here we are at the end of another season of Marriage Boot Camp. (For those of you who are already experiencing withdrawal, a new season will be starting in October and will include Karen Gravano from Mob Wives.) In tonight’s finale, we saw the final ring ceremony, when the couples decided whether or not they were still going to attempt a relationship. There was one surprise along with some distinct non-surprises. It turns out, though, that more went on after the show was over.

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Last week, Tara Reid finally admitted that she and Dean May were never actually in a romantic relationship and were on the show purely for fame (probably also money). Hosts Jim and Elizabeth Carroll were understandably super peeved and sent them both packing, thus ending our long national nightmare. I still have questions as to why Tara and Dean didn’t just keep their whole thing under wraps until after the show was over, but I’ve never lied to get on a reality show, so what do I know? Dean apparently has a girlfriend now, and she isn’t Tara.

Michelle Money and Cody Sattler, who went from making us ask why they were on the show in the first place to hating each other to processing their issues (cheating) and working together well, decided to make a new start. Michelle literally introduced herself to Cody as if they had never met. However, the two are broken up now, according to a video message recorded later.

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Lisa D’Amato and Adam Friedman, whose main problem seemed to be that Adam was a doomsday prepper and therefore didn’t want to have another baby, decided to stay together — even though Adam went out on “singles night” and blacked out, and Dean had to stop him from bringing a girl back to the house. In spite of Adam’s shenanigans, the couple remained together, and Lisa is expecting their second child in September.

In spite of repeated infidelities revealed over the course of the season, Lorenzo Gordon and Brittish Williams also re-committed to one another, although Brittish admitted that she questioned their relationship and Lorenzo’s trustworthiness.

Probably the biggest surprise of the night was Memphitz and Toya Wright. The couple fought throughout the season about the “hall pass” Toya had given Memphitz, which allowed him to sleep with other women. At the ring ceremony, Toya told him she wanted to stay married, but he was going to have to surrender the hall pass and let her move to California with him. Memphitz’s response was to show Toya an empty ring box. Twitter responses were in agreement that this was probably the best possible scenario. Toya has had enough heartache in her life and deserves better.

It does seem like the group, sans Dean and Tara, formed good relationships with one another. This is definitely better than past seasons, when everyone wanted to kill each other. So… good work, Marriage Boot Camp?

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Were you surprised by the ending to this season? Tell us in the comments!

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