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Mel Gibson unbelievably had an agreement to silence his ex over abuse allegations

Well this is interesting. Mel Gibson owed his ex, Oksana Grigorieva, half a million dollars, but escaped the payment thanks to a technicality and a crazy court ruling.

In their settlement papers, Grigorieva was prohibited from talking about anything that went on during their relationship — especially those domestic abuse rumors. According to People, Grigorieva gave up her right to the settlement if she publicly discussed the allegations. And even though she didn’t explicitly talk about anything, her interview with Howard Stern was deemed close enough to breaking the rules.

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Apparently, during the interview Stern said to her, “Anyone who’s been through what you’ve been through with [Gibson], you got to be full of hope, because it’s the only way to be. You got to look ahead.” Grigorieva replied with, “You know what? You have to embrace your experience and even — it doesn’t matter how painful it might be at the time, and that darker experience, learn from it, hopefully.”

And even though that is incredibly vague and could mean anything, the judge said that in the context of the entire interview, she’s clearly breaking their settlement.

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All she said was it was a dark experience — that could mean she didn’t like dealing with fame or money or the fact that he never washed the dishes. None of it addressed domestic abuse, which makes the ruling completely crazy. It doesn’t make any sense how she could lose that much money over a vague interview.

The silver lining, if there is any, is now that she’s been refused the rest of her settlement money, she can speak her truth. She’s no longer bound to keeping her mouth shut. Hopefully being open and honest about her dark times will bring her more than any crazy court settlement ever could — in both money and peace of mind.

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