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Being happy and in love looks amazing on Paris Jackson

Paris Jackson doesn’t want to hear any more of the rumors that she’s unhappy or her family fears for her life. To prove that she’s totally happy and in love, Jackson is posting from a photo shoot she did with her boyfriend and some friends.

Jackson wore a bright-red dress under a black, studded leather jacket and a pair of black leather boots during the shoot. Her boyfriend, Michael Snoddy, wore black, ripped skinny jeans and a big, red fur coat to match Jackson. It was adorable in a rocker couple way.

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Jackson updated all her social media profiles from the set throughout the day and she was always laughing and swooning all over her boyfriend. It’s definitely a far cry from the rumors that she’s facing a downward spiral that no one can stop.

On one of the Snapchat photos she posted, Jackson said, “Dressed like a hooker and fattening myself up with a burger and he still wants to kiss me (at risk of getting black lipstick everywhere), how did I get so lucky.”

It sounds like Snoddy is exactly who she needed in her life. He’s someone that won’t bring extra, unwanted attention to her or their relationship, and he makes her feel loved. What teenager doesn’t want that kind of relationship?

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Obviously, what’s posted on Instagram or Snapchat isn’t the entire story, and it’s completely possible that Jackson is still struggling with a lot — she did lose her dad at a very young age. No one is going to recover from that quickly or easily.

But we’ve seen plenty of celebrities spiral out of control online. If she really were out of control, we would see signs of it online. It’s time we take her word for it and believe that she’s doing fine and isn’t in need of an intervention.

Plus, isn’t it always more fun to celebrate people in love than to wait for someone fall into depression?

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Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Paris Jackson slideshow
Image: Paris Jackson/Instagram

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