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Lisa Marie Presley’s divorce was so messy, it reportedly drove her to rehab

Lisa Marie Presley may be going through an even more difficult time than meets the eye. According to reports, she’s checked into a rehab facility. Insiders report the cause is her recent split from Michael Lockwood, her husband of 10 years.

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She’s reportedly checked into a Los Angeles rehab facility to seek treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. Her wellness plan allegedly includes a $400,000 personal detox team.

Of her decision to check into a facility, a source said “Lisa Marie just fell off the wagon over the past couple of years and needed serious help in getting her life back on track again.” Rumors have swirled surrounding her divorce from Lockwood, who has been accused of being abusive and money-grubbing. Since the split in June, Presley has also reportedly requested full custody of their 7-year-old twin daughters, calling their father “unsafe.” We may never know the real story, but it’s easy to see how these could be triggering situations for a former addict.

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Presley has gotten past her addiction in the past, once by checking herself into the Scientology Celebrity Centre’s rehab facility, where she proceeded to meet her first husband Danny Keough. Then, she discussed her addiction candidly with the press. She told Rolling Stone in 2003, “I did everything but mushrooms and heroin. Those were two things I didn’t take. Thank God. Or crack. That wasn’t really happening then.”

Presley’s representative has yet to confirm that she’s entered rehab or comment on the story.

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