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If Luke Pell is actually the next Bachelor, I’m giving up on the franchise

Welp, there’s officially a front-runner for the next Bachelor. As a die-hard fan of the whole franchise, this should be exciting news for me. It’s not, because that front-runner is Luke Pell.

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It’s looking like Luke right now as the next Bachelor, but there are a couple others on the back burner in case he doesn’t work out,” a source told Us Weekly. Those others on the back burner apparently include Robby Hayes, Chase McNary and Wells Adams.

Seriously? Can we all just stop and agree right now that JoJo Fletcher’s season was a complete flop? In all of The Bachelor history, I have never stopped watching a season midway through… until JoJo’s — I ducked out before hometowns because it was just so boring. JoJo was boring. Her parade of identical white dudes was boring. So guess what, ABC. Making one of them the new Bachelor means another boring season.

It’s become kind of a tradition for ABC to pick from the runners up who will search for love on the next season of the show, and it makes sense — viewers get most of a season to fall in love with whomever will be the next Bachelor or Bachelorette. That works if there’s anything lovable about the contestants. But JoJo was a huge mistake — as I wrote long before her season began, there was nothing memorable about her time competing for Ben Higgins’ heart except for the fact that he told both her and Lauren Bushnell that he loved them, and that wasn’t even something JoJo did. Her season was an unprecedented bore, and now, ABC is about to repeat history. Seriously, think back over JoJo’s season and try to name something memorable that Luke did. You can’t do it, right? Because there wasn’t anything. Yawn.

It’s time for ABC to step out of this pattern and give viewers something new and exciting. How about a Bachelor of color? How about an actual fan favorite, like perpetual runner-up Nick Viall? How about someone controversial, like Chad Johnson? I hate him, but I’d watch his season. I can’t say the same for Luke.

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Do you agree? Or do you think Luke Pell would make a good Bachelor?

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