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Awkward, but apparently everyone on the Fast 8 crew is Team Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is known to be one of Hollywood’s nicest guys, so when he had something bad to say about a certain male co-star on Fast 8, the world obviously took note (because, really, when does he ever say anything bad about anyone?).

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Johnson vented about “candy asses” on social media, and many speculated that the man he was referring to was Vin Diesel — and apparently the crew of the latest movie is taking sides over this feud, with one man appearing as the outright winner.

That man, according to TMZ, is Johnson. The site recently reported on how production sources told them that Johnson has been upset with Diesel’s work ethic for some time now, and he’s reportedly not alone because members of the crew allegedly told the publication that Diesel was often late to shoot scenes simply because he did not feel like leaving his trailer.

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But that’s not all, apparently, Diesel also doesn’t like early mornings, and the production was “forced” to change the start time to three hours later, just to accommodate Diesel.

The crew reportedly also feels that Diesel’s arrogance has been out of control and that he used to “goad people, including The Rock, by criticizing their acting.” However, the crew reportedly feels very differently toward Johnson, and have nothing but praise for his work ethic and attitude, claiming that he is always professional and very easy to work with.

Yikes, it looks like the crew has definitely picked sides, but the good news is that whatever tension is going on behind the scenes will soon come to an end, as Johnson revealed on Instagram that it was his final week shooting with the franchise and that “there’s no greatness ever achieved alone.. it’s always a team effort.”

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Let’s hope that the drama subsides now because we really don’t want to be deciding whether we’re on Team Johnson or Team Diesel. I mean, that’s a pretty tough choice right there.

Are you surprised Johnson decided to make his unhappiness public? More so, are you surprised that the crew has reportedly taken sides? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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