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Thank you, Melanie Griffith, for this hilarious tribute to Antonio Banderas

Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas are living proof that when a relationship ends you don’t have to become sworn enemies with your ex. In fact, the mature and classy way that these two former spouses treat each other has recently won them the respect of their fans.

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Griffith and Banderas enjoyed almost two decades of marriage before announcing their split in June of 2014, but two years on, there appears to be nothing but mutual respect and admiration between these two.

On Aug. 9, Banderas took to Twitter to wish Griffith a happy birthday by posting a sweet picture of them together with their daughter, Stella. He captioned the image with a message in Spanish, “Feliz cumpleaños Melanie. Un abrazo cariñoso desde Marbella” which translates to, “Happy birthday Melanie. A loving hug from Marbella.”

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Then on Aug. 10, Griffith took to Instagram to wish her “ruggedly handsome ex husband” a very happy birthday (yes, their birthdays are just one day apart), adding that she’d always love him — plus, the picture is hilarious and really gives us a glimpse of how much fun they had together.

Fans have applauded the way these two have moved forward with their lives and the respect that they still have for each other.

Comments on Griffith’s post include one from royasd2006, who wrote, “So nice of you and I admire your ability to forgive and move on…”

“These are the kind of women we need in the world,” clarabuendiamartinez gushed. And saralytton3632 agreed, writing, “Super classy Melanie we will always love you.”

“One of the many reasons I adore you. Such a classy woman!!” tinadrake commented.

While it’s never easy to end a relationship on good terms, we’re always thrilled to see when it does actually work out between former spouses, and Griffith and Banderas are serving as a little reminder to everyone that it’s best to let go of the negativity of the past, and strive hard to forgive and forget.

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Don’t you agree? Do you think it’s great that Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas can still be so civil toward each other? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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