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Wait, were John Stamos and Ashley Benson ever really a thing?

John Stamos, Lea Michele and Taylor Lautner all sat down to do some promo work for the upcoming season of Scream Queens. In the interview, the actors all playfully picked on each other, joked about each other’s pasts and, of course, talked about relationships.

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Most people are focusing on Michele grilling Lautner about his relationship with Taylor Swift and the song she wrote for him, “Back to December,” but what we want to know is why we’re not talking about Stamos having Ashley Benson’s number.

During the end of the interview, around the 11-minute mark, Stamos was going through his phone to see whether or not Michele and Lautner knew anyone he knew — we know, it’s weird, but it happened. Michele caught Benson’s name at the top of the list and looked shocked because it’s such a weird pairing. As soon as Michele asked why Stamos had her phone number, he gave a strange look and immediately pulled his phone away.

The whole thing was another awkward moment in a very long, awkward interview.

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It was weird that Benson’s name was the one that caused a reaction from Stamos. Michele had read off the names of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Adam Shankman and many others from his contact list. None of them made Stamos flinch except when Benson came up.

It’s completely possible that Stamos had Benson’s number because they were going to work together in the past or will work together in the future. But by the look he gave, we’re thinking it could have been something different. Maybe they were a secret pair a while ago and no one knew?

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We certainly can’t say, but we do have one suggestion to give with complete confidence — that is, all three of these actors should lay off the coffee before they do promotional interviews. It leads to really goofy, confusing behavior and even stranger interviews.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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