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Hollywood Medium gets tear-worthy for Whitney Port in exclusive clip

Tyler Henry’s reading with Whitney Port on Hollywood Medium will be so spot-on, even just a clip of the upcoming show is tear-worthy.

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SheKnows nabbed an exclusive look at the upcoming episode, which shows Port getting a reading from Henry while her family watches from another room.

Henry is not only able to connect with Port’s dad, who passed away from kidney cancer in 2013, but he is able to correctly guess his name, Jeffery, and that Port’s family has five children.

Now, that is all information Henry could theoretically have looked up on the internet if he were so inclined, but that definitely doesn’t seem like the case, especially when Port’s family’s eyes brim with tears as they hear what Henry has to say.

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“So the way this is coming through immediately, before I get into the details of this, he is going to acknowledge his passing, but the first feeling I want to just tell you is I get an immediate sense of relief, an immediate sense of comfort. So before I even move forward with the details, I just want you to know that he’s perfectly fine,” Henry tells Port while we see her family in the other room getting emotional, especially Port’s mother.

When her father passed, Port wrote a letter to him stating, “May you struggle no longer, may your mind find clarity and peace, may you play golf at your best and drive wherever you please,” indicating that knowing he was in a better place was a big thing for the family, a fact which Henry, it seems, will confirm in the episode.

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Check out the full exclusive clip below and be sure to watch the show on Wednesdays at 8/7c on E!.

Whether or not you’re a believer in the psychic scene or not, it’s clear the comfort Henry is providing for this family is worth it either way.

Do you believe in Henry’s abilities to communicate with Port’s dad?

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