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McKayla Maroney enters the music world — but not without getting body-shamed first

McKayla Maroney is more than just a meme — she’s a pop star. The former gymnast who competed in the London 2012 Olympics has since retired from the sport. She’s now 20 years old and moving on to a career at least equally as glamorous. She’ll be releasing her first single early next month, says Jezebel.

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Leaving her career as an elite athlete behind (and aging four years) means Maroney looks a little different than the last time we saw her in the news.

Fans have been quick to judge, leaving nasty comments on her Instagram, calling her out for “trying to look like Kylie Jenner.” While she certainly wouldn’t be alone if she was trying to look like Jenner, let’s try to remember that this young woman has had to totally remake her life since leaving gymnastics behind. That can’t be easy, and maybe a little lipstick helps. Why should we care?

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Haters are tough in her comments, with accusations of lip injections and other nasty comments on her apperance. Just as many fans are there to defend her for her choices. User jammitaddiesmith wrote, “You’re WAY to talented to let any of these bullies bring you down!!! You look beautiful! Best of luck on your future Endeveours!”

Valentina_gabriela agreed: “I think you are awesome!!! … Very excited to see where the universe takes you next!”

Maroney owns it. In a recent photo, she acknowledged her haters with the caption, “Someone in the comments said I look like I can’t decide if I’m going to New York or Mexico….. and that’s exactly why this outfit is me”. You do you, girl!

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