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Kathie Lee Gifford’s letter about her husband’s death is chillingly beautiful

Kathie Lee Gifford spent today remembering her late husband, Frank Gifford, who passed away last year. This would have been their 30th year of marriage. She shared a touching tribute to her husband on, explaining how she’s gotten through the year without him.

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Gifford took one day at a time, she wrote. “God doesn’t promise you a year. He promises you a day at a time. He broke life into 24-hour-periods because that’s all we can handle. The next day, you reach for your fresh cup of mercy that you need every bit as much as the day before.”

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She shared some advice for those also grieving: the importance of getting the help you need. For Gifford, it was important to turn to faith. “For other people grieving the loss of a loved one, I would tell them it’s impossible to do it on your own,” she said. “You need to immerse yourself in the word of God. What I would do is get up in the morning and spend time in prayer. Start really learning as much Scripture as possible so you can quote it without looking it up, so it’s in your DNA. You can call on it when you’re feeling challenged in your faith.”

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