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Married at First Sight: All the couples have chemistry… will it be enough?

On last night’s episode on Married at First Sight on A&E, the couples do what newly married couples do. They each had a family brunch after the wedding and went on their honeymoons. The couples all seem positive and optimistic — important qualities for any relationship. The attraction in these couples appears to be seen more than in the past season, so this is already a better start for the couples to make it together. Chemistry is a foundation for the three couples embarking on the journey to learning more about each other, but it is just a start. The honeymoon allows the couples to go somewhere exotic and enjoy getting to know each other and hopefully grow in other ways as they learn about the important qualities in the other.

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One of the couples, Derek and Heather, went to Puerto Rico for their honeymoon. They both share an excitement for their vacation and appear connected. Humor is a quality that Heather continually points out about Derek and how nice he is. They appear to share a genuine interest in learning about each other after the wedding, and I really like what she said about focusing on the good parts instead of being picky. Keeping an open mind is useful in relationships. However, toward the end of the show, we find Heather questioning some negatives that she discovered. Can she overcome these issues later?

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Tom said sparks are happening with his new wife, Lillian. This couple had an instant chemistry. The expert commented on their physical attraction to each other and was glad that she matched them in hopes that attraction would occur. But the question is, will more develop? Tom said he sees Lillian as loving and passionate, which are important qualities in a partner. A good start for sure.

The third couple, Sonia and Nick, told the expert (Rachel DeAlto) that they seem to have both an attraction and emotional connection. Definitely a win-win situation in my book because the creation of the emotional connection can be one of the most important elements in a strong relationship. Sonia appeared really open and honest in sharing her feelings and thoughts even though later in the episode she commented that she needed to do this more. Nick seemed to be quiet but listened to her discuss her feelings. I wonder if he will be able to open up to her in the same way.

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If these couples can build upon chemistry and find an emotional connection, this would help build really successful relationships in the future. I noticed in the episode that the couples were looking for really great qualities to want in a love interest: humor, kindness, loving, friendship, openness, positive and passionate. Can the couples remain focused on the positives? Only time will tell.

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