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Kylie Jenner rings in her 19th year with a little cultural appropriation

Kylie Jenner is getting older, but is she getting wiser? She turned 19 today and shared a photo on Instagram of herself in yet another look that we’ve seen, well, forever — on black women. Fans are crying “cultural appropriation,” a refrain that Jenner has likely gotten used to, as she and her sisters have worn “boxer braids” — aka cornrows — for months, even getting credit for “popularizing” the “trend”.

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Jenner is sporting cornrows dyed red and braided in what Vanity Fair cites as a wig. However she came to the look, fans are over it. In between the standard “lb” and “row for row” comments on her photo are genuine criticisms. From a user named @kmuhammad19: “Black women have been doing it for hundreds of years and this is new??? Please I guess for your audience this is a trend but for Black People this is Our Culture.” Another @jeshastevens writes, “I don’t think its super healthy and isn’t this cultural appropriation?”

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As Kara Brown writes at Jezebel, “There’s also the little detail that while this style of braiding does date back thousands of years ago, it has literally never stopped being a popular and practical way for black people to wear their hair.” So happy birthday, Kylie. Maybe someone bought you a book this year.

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Before you go, check out our slideshow below:

Kylie Jenner GIFs slideshow
Image: E!

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