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Lace Morris found love on Bachelor in Paradise and wants everyone to know it

Bachelor In Paradise Season 3 is in full swing, so obviously we aren’t supposed to know yet how it all turns out.

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But one couple from the show isn’t making much of an effort to hide their relationship status after leaving Mexico: Lace Morris and Grant Kemp.

Lace, the resident alcoholic from Ben’s season who infamously chewed him out after a rose ceremony for not making enough eye contact with her, and Grant, the Los Angeles firefighter from JoJo’s season whom The Chad nicknamed “hot squidward,” started this season of Bachelor In Paradise by vibing pretty hard — that is, until Lace and Chad got drunk and started making out/insulting each other/punching each other in the hot tub. That was all well and good until Chad got so belligerently drunk he told contestants and staff to “suck my bachelor dick,” passed out on the beach and got escorted out by Chris Harrison the next morning.

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Anyway, fast-forward to Lace, taking tequila shots at the bar and begging other contestants to talk to Grant to get him to talk to her. It was all really middle school, but it apparently worked, because Grant and Lace have faded into the background of the show as one of the solid couples — well, except for that time they did a crappy job covering up the bedroom cam and got caught hooking up.

And while rumors are flying that they make it all the way to the end and leave Mexico engaged, they’re breaking all of ABC’s Bachelor rules and flaunting their relationship in the real world while Paradise is still airing. They’ve been spotted together on multiple occasions, the most blatant of which being when Grant visited Lace in Denver and onlookers saw them making out at a public pool.

The latest evidence that their relationship is still going strong is even more hilarious — Lace was seen at LAX sporting some new ink: the word “Grace” on her wrist. Fans are clamoring on social media that she got the tattoo because it’s a combination of hers and Grant’s names. But it’s also, like, a word? So who even knows?

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Do you think Lace’s new tattoo is a testament to her relationship with Grant?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Bachelor couples slideshow
Image: ABC

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