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Tom Hiddleston & Taylor Swift’s global love affair has come to a sudden halt

After weeks of nothing but headlines about Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston and details of their every date, there’s been a bit of a media silence surrounding the couple. And it turns out the reason for this is that they’ve been spending some time apart.

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But before all the Hiddleswift fans start freaking out, just because the couple is not with each other at the moment does not mean there’s trouble in paradise. A source told The Sun that they are “100 percent still an item.”

Right, so why the time apart?

According to the source, it’s not because they want to be separated, but rather because, “They are both focusing on work at the moment but will be back in each other’s company again soon.”

Swift is in New York at the moment while Hiddleston spends time in Australia shooting his new film Thor: Ragnarok, in which he plays Loki, a character he’s clearly so passionate about that it was enough for him to join Instagram.

Oddly enough, fans of the couple are actually concerned that Hiddleston didn’t decide to immediately follow Swift (he is currently following no one and has only one post, so we have to give the guy a break).

“@taylorswift lol she doesn’t even follow him and he doesn’t follow her,” flora_bigsy commented. Other fans asked similar questions, with hadarizhak asking “why you not follow taylor?” and forever_swiftie writing “198Why you dont follow taylor swiftt.”

There is also more than a handful of demanding Swift fans who insist that Hiddleston should be more dedicated and “Follow Taylor NOW,” as fashion.swift wrote.

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We really don’t think there’s reason for concern, but what do you think? Is Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift’s hot romance quickly cooling down? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below:

Tom Hiddleston slideshow
Image: Lia Toby/Wenn

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